Inner Edge-Leadership For The Student-Athlete

To become an effective leader, the athlete first needs to understand the role of being a leader on the team. Once this is made clear, the athlete can go to work developing the skills he or she needs to assert a positive leadership influence on the team.
Core Training’s Leadership for the Student-Athlete provides an intensive, one day, on-campus forum where participants experience a hands-on approach to grasping the principles of leadership and relationships. It offers student-athletes the opportunity to maximize their leadership potential in ways that will enhance their personal development, contribute to their team’s overall success, and develop healthy character-based leadership skills that will positively impact their lives, and the lives of others both on and off the playing field.


Captain’s Workshop

With focus on the “relational” leadership model, our Captain’s Workshop provides your elected leaders with hands on training and support they need to lead by example and effectively empower and motivate teammates so they can work through difficulties to achieve success and affirm the things they do well.


Core Trainings offers customized workshops and can provide a forum specific to the needs of schools and athletic departments and the focus for the coach. A consultation is always necessary to find the needs so they can be met…sometimes its just getting them on all the same page with the same protocol for your athletic programs!