How Your Students and Staff Benefit
  • Customized programs meet school’s needs and goals.

  • Peer leadership and empowerment benefits entire school

  • Interactive and participant driven sessions encourage

  • Creates “core coalitions” that staff and administration can
    utilize to address school climate issues.
It Begins Here
CORE TRAININGS is a nationally recognized organization
that provides solutions to schools for both student and staff
development. Our programs and training forums focus on
establishing and elevating the value of relational leadership
and being connected to others.

  •  Peer Mentoring
  •  Leadership for Ladies
  •  At The Core: Leadership for
        Teenage Boys
  •  Bullying: Peers In Prevention
  • Teacher-Student Advisories
  • Staff Development
With CORE TRAININGS you can build a sense of community
and connections within your student body and staff.  We
                                believe that the key to student success
                                and a safer school environment is based
                                on the power of positive peer relationships
                                and connections, sound character and
                                confident displays of leadership within the
school culture.
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