Core Transitions – Student to Student Mentoring Programs

Core Transitions creates an opportunity for schools to intentionally engage their incoming students through relationships. It is based on the power of student-to-student mentoring, where every incoming student in a school is mentored by an accomplished and caring upperclassman.

Younger students often have a difficult time adjusting to a new school. This transition period is when many students feel “disconnected”, give up, or display at-risk behavior.

Core Trainings recognizes that upperclassmen possess an incredible advantage in shaping the lives of younger students. The Core Transitions Mentor Program provides a “system” to recruit and mobilize a team of upperclassmen to lead and offer friendship, support and guidance for these younger students as they begin their journey in their new school.

· By creating positive “connections” and behaviors among students, schools experience a positive impact in student involvement.

· This unique, student-led program, enhances leadership skills for the accomplished older students, and teaches them how to develop positive relationships.

At The Core

Mentor Training… If you have a student mentor program perhaps you may be looking for a little help. We offer consultations to staff and mentor training to your mentors. This can be provided on campus before they begin their roles and responsibilities. Typically they are run in the late spring or over the summer. We also provide curriculum for connections that is life skill focus and participant driven. Please contact us to inquire a free consultation to understand your schools needs.

Connecting Students To Students & Students To Your School…

“Mentors develop such a strong sense of purpose while freshman realize, sometimes for the first time, that someone REALLY cares about how they do, the decisions they make and their happiness.”
–Lindsay Trout, Principal Reston, Virginia

“We had been looking to start a student-to-student mentoring program at Higgins Middle School for some time. Core Trainings has been amazing to work with—responsive, flexible, and committed to seeing the program succeed.”
–Todd Bucey, Principal
Higgins MS, Peabody MA