“Mentors develop such a strong sense of purpose while freshman realize, sometimes for the first time, that someone REALLY cares about how they do, the decisions they make and their happiness.” –Lindsay Trout, Principal, Reston, Virginia

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“We had been looking to start a student-to-student mentoring program at Higgins Middle School for some time. Core Trainings has been amazing to work with—responsive, flexible, and committed to seeing the program succeed.” –Todd Bucey, Principal, Higgins MS, Peabody MA

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“The mentoring program has allowed us to introduce our freshmen to positive role models. These connections reduce anxiety for the younger students and provide a resource throughout the year to help them navigate successfully.” -Joseph Finnegan, Principal, Woburn HS, MA

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“Core Trainings has captured the essence of teacher-student advisories and has brought the idea of improving school culture and performance to a practical level with their well organized advisory handbook.” ~ Tom Lauder, Principal-Leicester HS, Ma.

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We provide trainings and systems for a successful launch for Student to Student Mentoring programs.


- Leadership For Ladies
- Young Men’s Leadership
- Learning to Lead
- Additional Student Leadership


To be successful at any level of sport, a team needs to have players who respect each other, and are willing to make personal sacrifices for the good fo the team. Coaches don't always have enough time to teach these important core values. Most likely, you won't find a session on communication and trust in the practice plan; therefore, Core Trainings offers leadership trainings for your athletic programs.


People are the core of any organization. It takes people to make the organization work. While organizations are great at managing the materials and “machinery” of the organization, many fall short in investing in, and managing the human side of the organization.

“Cognizant of the fact that each school has its own unique needs, I am firm in my belief that the knowledge that they (Core Trainings) possess, coupled with an ability to convey this knowledge, can enhance the culture of any school by empowering students.” - Jon Bernard, Principal, North Reading High School, Ma.